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Agnese Zingaretti (1996) is a Roman photographer.


After an individual journey, she begins her studies in search of a personal language.


Her shots want to investigate the form, the moment and the human sensations in scenarios like the street, places and people's lives, through an authorial documentary approach.


She participated in workshops with Michele Palazzi, Irene Alison, Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Pietro Paolini (TerraProject), Tommaso Tanini (Discipula Collective).


She collaborated with Cesura Lab.

She is currently active as artistic director of the collective "Cuercia" and as a freelance photographer in music, events and commercial.



“Inquerciata vol. I - II - III - IV” at Nuovo Cinema Palazzo (Rome)

“Elogio all’imperfezione” at Fondamenta Gallery, Inside Art (Rome)

“Segni Particolari” at Roma Smistamento / TWM (Rome)

“Kunama vol. II / III” at InFunzione (Rome)

“Roma nella camera oscura” at Palazzo Braschi (Rome)

"Filtri" at Aniene Festival (Roma)

"Ongoing" at RUFA (Rome University Of Fine Arts)



"Inquerciata vol. I - II - III - IV", from 2017 'till 2019 (Rome).

“Elogio all’imperfezione” at Fondamenta Gallery, Inside Art (Rome).

"Filtri" at Aniene Festival (Rome).

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